Individual Planning:


Individual student planning includes counseling activities to assist all students to plan, monitor and manage their own academic achievement as well as their personal and career developments.  Some examples of topics covered at the middle and high school levels are listed below:



Middle School


  • Pre-registration
  • Four-year plans
  • Career awareness and interest surveys (KUDER)
  • Scholarship and sward opportunities
  • Interpretation of test results


High School


  • Course selection
  • Diploma options
  • Update/review four-year plan
  • Transcripts
  • Letters of Recommendation


Responsive Services:


Responsive services include counseling or referral activities to meet the immediate needs and concerns of students at Clements.  Responsive services include personal counseling; crisis counseling; conflict resolution; agency or school system program referral; consultation for parents, teachers or other professionals.  Middle School and High School counselors provide such services to the student in their respective grade levels.


System Support:


System support activities include indirect guidance management activities that help maintain and enhance the overall guidance program and the school as a whole.  Some of the specific activities at Clements for all grade levels are listed below:


  • Professional development
  • Consultation with teachers
  • Building test coordinators for all standardized test
  • 504 Case Managers
  • PST/RTI team member
  • IEP meeting member
  • Student Advocacy
  • Parent consultation
  • Provide community resource information


Individual Counseling:


Counselors are available to meet with all students on an individual basis.  In this setting, students are provided an opportunity to discuss their thoughts and feelings regarding issues concerning them. 


Small Group Counseling:


Counselors often meet with students in a small group setting to deal with particular themes or topics such as:


  • Self esteem
  • Friendship and socialization
  • Respect for others, property and manners
  • Trauma and loss
  • Divorce
  • Conflict resolution


Classroom Guidance:


School counselors visit the classroom setting for a variety of reasons.  They may present informational programs on topics of interest and informational to the students.  Through classroom guidance, counselors establish a rapport with students, clarify and present information, relieve anxiety and teach new behaviors. 


Use of Time


Counselors at Clements High School allocate their time in each of the four delivery components of school guidance curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support based on the needs of the school and of the students.  Each of the counselors keeps calendars that document time and activities performed.  These calendars allow counselors and administrators to determine the actual amount of time spent in each of the four program delivery components and in non-school counseling activities.    The allocation of time to particular areas varies depending on the time of year and student needs.